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Sun Angles: Animated image

PV Array Tilt Angle Calculator

You can use this page to calculate noontime sun angles for the 21st day of each month. It uses simple formulas and does not take into account the density of the atmosphere.

Latitude - In degrees. Integer from 0 to 90. Your input is validated and rounded.
Hemisphere - North or South. Latitude entry of 0 degrees ignores hemisphere selection.

Latitude =  Degrees North   South

- Appear in a new, pop-up, output window.
- Month
- Array Tilt from horizontal
- Sun altitude at solar noon
- Array Points to the North, Zenith or South.

- Data is rounded to a whole number.
- Data is for the solar noon on the 21st day of each month.
- A dash in the field indicates that the sun is below the horizon.
- Print or save data from the pop-up, output window.