UV - Solar graphs
UV Graph
 Solar: Current / Trends / Highs  UV: Current / Trends / Highs
 Current: 0 W/m2  Current: 0.0 index None  
 24hrs ago: 0 W/m2  24hrs ago: NA  
 48hrs ago: 0 W/m2  48hrs ago: NA  
 72hrs ago: 0 W/m2  72hrs ago: NA  
 96hrs ago: 0 W/m2  96hrs ago: NA  
 Today High: 0 W/m2 at 12:00am  Today High: 0.0 index at 12:00am None
 Yest. High: 905 W/m2 at 12:56pm  Yest. High: 7.4 index at 12:32pm  High 
 Month High: 918 W/m2 at 5/1/21  Month High: 7.6 index at 5/4/21  High 
 Year High: 1348 W/m2 at 4/24/21  Year High: 7.6 index at 4/28/21  High 
Solar Graph
 Sunshine Hours  Day Light Length
 Today 0.0 Hours  Todays 15:00 hrs, Lg. of daylight (dawn to dusk)
 Yest. 13.5 Hours  Todays 14:01 hrs, Lg. of day (sunrise to sunset)
   Tomorrow 2min 3s more daylight tomorrow

   Moonrise: 3:58am     Sunrise: 5:59 am
   Moonset: 3:20pm    Sunset: 8:01 pm
   Moon: 25% Illuminated    Dawn: 5:30am
   Moon: 24 days in cycle    Dusk: 8:30pm
   Moon: Waning Crescent Solar Noon1:00pm
Sun Moon Position Graph
Cloud Base Graph
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